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Scuba Diving Latest News: Uncovering Coral Reefs Deep, Deep Down

If you are an avid scuba diver or just a fan of the sport, check out some of the latest updates in scuba diving you might have missed this year. In fact, there are a number of new discoveries that could be essential to scuba divers.Coral Reefs In The Deep Areas Of The Ocean FoundIn a recent collaborative discovery by [...]

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Upcoming Events On Scuba Diving And Surfing Around The World In 2019

There are upcoming events that benefit the avid scuba diver or surfer this year. Among them are the following notable schedule of events all over the world for scuba and surfing enthusiasts.Annual Curacao International Dive Festival If you are a lover of scuba diving, the Annual Curacao International Dive Festival is one that can be of interest to you. In fact, it [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Surf Ranch Pro 2019

Another round of surfing championship will take place in California this year. The Surf Ranch Pro 2019 will run from September 19-22, 2019 in Surf Ranch, an infamous wave pool created by legendary surfer Kelly Slater in Lemoore, California.After making waves in the pro surfing scene, Slater made waves again but this time while catching the “perfect” waves in his [...]

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The History of Diving Museum Gets a Visit From Samuel L. Jackson

Hollywood star and executive producer Samuel L. Jackson together with producer Rick Esither Bienstock and film director Simcha Jacobovici visited the History of Diving Museum to see the “Diving with a Purpose” feature exhibit, which highlights several marine archaeology projects completed since 1991 in Florida including two slave ships, the “Henrietta Marie” that lies 35 miles off Key West and [...]

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Ice Diving Destinations in Europe

A lot of people enjoy ice diving because it is an exciting activity. Despite the cold, they still go on ice dives because of the fun and adventure it provides. So for those passionate about ice diving, here are some of the best diving spots around Europe.(Well for those people who has passion for ice diving, they would really dive [...]

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Dive Computer?

Dive computer is essential for divers. This is a device used by a diver to measure the time and depth of a dive so that a safe ascent profile can be calculated and displayed so that the diver can avoid decompression sickness.This is use as a real-time ambient pressure input to a decompression algorithm to indicate the remaining time and after [...]

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Want to Get a New Set of Hunting Gears? Check this Out!

Before you start the dive or go hunting for a sizeable snapper or bass, you’ll need to make sure you have all you need for you to be able to catch. It may help to consult other professionals for recommended equipment that you can use for a specific location since there are locations that requires different equipment.Just to give [...]

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There is a Decline of Shark Attacks as Reported

Based on the scary news headlines, there has been a lot of instances that a shark attacks divers or swimmers in the past years.However, it declined worldwide in 2018 as most reports show.The number of unprovoked shark attacks around the world significantly dropped last year for almost 70% based on the survey for 2017 compared [...]

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Celebrate Father's Day with Big Discounts

Enter Code FATHERSDAY19to get 15% off whole store except for ScubaproHurry to take advantage of this special offer!Promo period is until June 18, 2019 Start Shopping Scuba Choice Gold Aluminum 3ft Pole Spear With 4" Lionfish Speartip Scuba Choice Green Aluminum 5ft Pole Spear, With 11" Speartip Scuba Choice Blue Aluminum 4ft Pole Spear, With 7" Speartip Scuba Choice Diving [...]

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How To Spend A Diving Holiday In Indonesia?

It is always worthwhile to spend the holiday in Indonesia with some of the best dive spots in the country. Here are a few of the best locations you can spend a diving holiday with family or friends.Raja AmpatAt the northwest tip of Papua (Irian Jaya), you can find a very well-known dive site in Indonesia. Raja [...]

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