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Where to Go for Winter Diving?

Have you thought of a beautiful location for winter diving yet? Aside from the excitement, many people would want to go diving in the winter because it is the perfect time to dive elsewhere.Maltese IslandsMaltese Islands is just at the tip of Italy’s south and at the heart of West Mediterranean. It is an enchanting archipelago composed of Comino, Gozo, and Malta, aside from [...]

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Technical Diving Essentials

There is always a first time for everything – including diving. But one of the things that have become an interesting topic for scuba enthusiasts is technical diving. Well, it is not actually rocket science because it is basically the activity set outside the recreational diving limits.It has become an important topic because it allows the diver to gain freedom [...]

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What are the Pros and Cons of Kids that Go into Scuba Diving?

You might have been wondering if a child can be permitted to go scuba diving. Well, there is an article by the Professional Association of Dive Instructors that supports scuba diving allowing kids at the early age of 10 years old to be certified as Junior Open Water Divers.However, there is a debatable topic though as to whether it is recommendable [...]

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Scuba Diving Courses Ideal For Beginners

Still confused if you are ready to jump into a full scuba diving course? Well, wonder no more because all it takes is half day to discover if scuba diving is really for you. To know more about the courses provided for aspiring scuba divers, here are interesting scuba diving courses for beginners.Discover Scuba Diving CourseThe Discover [...]

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The Three Scuba Diving Gear You Should Buy For Your Kids

Scuba diving is, without a doubt, one of the best water activities that you can introduce to your kids. But before you let them go out on the water and explore, make sure to invest in these three new scuba diving gear to give them the best experience:For Starters: The WetsuitYour kids will be exposed to the sun and [...]

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Equal Prize Money Introduced for Male and Female Surfers

At the start of next year, all elite surfing tour events will already have equal prize money for both male and female surfers according to the World Surf League. This includes events like the Championship Tour, the Junior World Championships, the Longboard Tour and the Big Wave Tour.This decision was made three months after the organization came under fire for doubling the [...]

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How to Start Surfing Right

After watching surfers ride waves seamlessly, you finally decided that you’ll go out there and surf too.But the thing is surfing does not just involve a surfboard and the waves. It is so much more and the good thing is that you’ve decided to begin your surfing journey on the right footing by researching about the sport first. Be physically in [...]

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Practical Guide for Spearfishing Enthusiasts

Aside from having a lot of fun, spearfishing also offer spearos a sustainable and affordable way to consume fish. However, like all great things, the sport is not easy so you have to start somewhere and improve your skills as you go along. Aside from honing your skills, you also have to ensure that your safety is not sacrificed.You have [...]

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Basic Scuba Diving Equipment and Where to Use Them

The world of scuba diving has been made possible because of the various developments in scuba diving equipment. So what exactly is it? In a nutshell, scuba equipment makes it possible for divers to breathe underwater in longer periods of time compared to relying merely on human breathing. It also allows divers to move and explore the underwater world more [...]

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New Found Diving Mask Dates Back 65 years Ago

Before the 1960s, avid scuba divers especially those from New Zealand find it difficult to get some diving gear from abroad. But that didn’t stop them from pursuing their passion and in fact, it even paved the way to fuel their creativity.Thus, an inventor from New Zealand, Clarence Ducker was able to make a diving mask made from a [...]

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