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Scuba Diving Equipment Before and After Care in the Midst of COVID19

Coronavirus has affected hundreds of countries worldwide. It has greatly affected the lives of many people across the globe. Coronavirus toll affected the well-being and the world economy.At the time of writing this content, there are 3,595,662 confirmed cases of COVID19 according to the World Health Organization. Some countries have implemented lockdowns and travel restrictions to at least minimize [...]

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Earth and Leatherback Turtles Take Much Needed Break Due to COVID-19

COVID19 has sickened almost 4 million and killed almost 300,000 worldwide. The Wuhan coronavirus has affected the world economy and the daily lives of people across the globe. With no vaccine available yet, humanity sits in fearful limbo.Humanity may be suffering from the COVID19 outbreak but it has given mother Earth the much needed rest. [...]

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Must-Know Hygiene Tips for Divers to Avoid COVID-19

The world is now in the midst of a pandemic that has already affected more than 3.75 million people. Lockdowns have been in place for months now and every industry is already affected by this huge problem including the diving industry. To make sure that divers are protected from the deadly virus, the International Marine [...]

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Every Diver’s Social Distancing To-Do List, According to DEMA

COVID-19 took us all by surprise and now, we’re left trying to figure out how to deal with this new normal called staying at home, washing our hands frequently and of course, social distancing.But even if our operations have been put on hold because of the ongoing pandemic, it’s still very important to keep the [...]

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Technical Diving Tips for Beginners

It is no doubt that the vibrant life underwater is magical. The caves, reefs, and colorful corals make the ocean world more magical. If you want to explore the depths of the ocean, explore challenging reefs and caves, and then you might want to try technical diving.Technical diving is a lot different than recreational diving. It requires the use of [...]

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Best Spots to Dive in the Caribbean

The stunning white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and the warm weather make the Caribbean a perfect island destination. Its warm waters and hundreds of islands are home to a variety of marine life which makes the Caribbean a paradise for scuba divers.The Caribbean has so much to offer. The big ocean has so many diving spots and choosing [...]

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Take Care of Your Scuba Diving Accessories With These Practical Tips

If you’re a diving enthusiast and you finally have a lot of time in your hands with the quarantine going on, how about giving your scuba diving accessories a much-needed love with these practical tips?Clean and dry your gear properlyIt’s considered best practice for every diver to rinse his gear with fresh water as soon as possible. But [...]

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Rounding Up Our Top Picks for Surfing Gear This Month

There’s still nothing quite like the adrenaline of riding those huge waves on a surfing trip. But if you’re serious about this unique water sport, you should invest in the right products to really take your experience to the next level. Here are our top picks:Maui and Sons 3/2mm Boy’s Neoprene Long Sleeve Surfing SuitThis long sleeve surfing suit [...]

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How Exactly Should You Prepare for a Cold Water Diving Excursion?

No matter how many dives you’ve had, diving in cold water is a different battle altogether. So if you’re planning on a cold water excursion soon, here’s how you should prepare for it:Choose the right outfitCold water hurts and it can affect your diving experience if you don’t prepare for it. A good wet or dry suit should be first on [...]

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Surfing Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Surfing is not an easy sport to learn, but it is never too late to start surfing. However, riding the waves is not simply just having a board with the aid of the waves. There are some tricks and techniques to learn before you hit surfing the first time. Learning these will help you get started and a lifetime [...]

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