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Where to Go Spearfishing in Florida?

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Do you know the best places in Florida to go spearfishing? Well, when you are in Florida, you should know that quality spearfishing is available. 

In fact, there is a wide variety of habitats because it is a peninsula surrounded by water.

Since the location determines the success of your endeavor, here are top destinations to go spearfishing when you are in the state of Florida.


The city of Destin is located in the northwest of the state, lying on the Gulf of Mexico. This is thus far among the best locations for beginners as it has a wide range of options for spearfishing expedition.

You can find a red snapper being one of the prized fish in the waters near the city. Spearfishing directly offshore is favorable due to the large beach area.


West of Destin is the coastal city of Pensacola. With more than a thousand of artificial reefs in the area, it creates habitats for fish off the coast of the city.

Such habitats offer some of the healthiest and delicious fish in the area. Among the fish you will find swimming in these reefs are the grouper, mahi-mahi, snapper, and tuna.

Panama City

If you aim to see a massive school of fish while diving the blue water of the Atlantic, then Panama City is perfect for you. It is just one of the better locations for lionfish hunting.

The state of Florida has already declared open season for the lionfish. This means that you can create great fishing options all-year round.


If you thought Miami is the perfect destination to appreciate the weather, crystal clear water, and the beaches, then you are correct. But did you know that it is also a great destination for spearfishing?

Miami sets itself apart from other spearfishing destinations because of its abundance of lobster. It might be illegal to spearfish though, but it is legal to catch a lobster in the city.


One of the better spearfishing locations in the state of Florida is Naples. This is also among the few locations that offer a spearfishing club.

Apart from the affluence of the city, there are groups promoting ethical practices in the area. They have fought to reopen restricted waterways to make it accessible for spearfishing.

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