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Top 5 Dive Resorts in the World

To rate them would be ludicrous as each diving resort is unique and awesome on its own. But to find the top among them around the world – it’s an overwhelming task but one we’ll try to undertake so that you’ll have a proper guide when deciding which resort to go next.From Europe to Asia, [...]

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Freediving as a sport

A lot of onlookers may ask, “Why go free diving when you’ll have a hard time holding your breath underwater?”Why indeed are some people putting themselves at risk when they can breathe easier with a scuba diving apparatus? They can also stay longer in the water instead of surfacing from time to time just to [...]

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Top 3 Scuba Diving Spots for a Great Summer Vacation

Summer is officially upon us so it’s just fitting to hunt for the best scuba diving destinations at this time of year. Here are some of our top picks from around the good old USA.Point Lobos, Carmel, CaliforniaNorthern California is already a well-known dive spot among its locals, but the Point Lobos National Park is more special because only [...]

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Archery: Essential Gear and Accessories for Beginners

Since shopping for archery gear can be daunting for most beginners, the ideal course of action is to visit an archery store. There, you’ll be given the proper advice based on the actual fit of accessories on your body and your preferences.But like most of us where time is limited, what you can do may [...]

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Types of Fins and How to Choose the Right Fit for You

As with any water sports gear, there are many things to consider before one can enjoy scuba diving to the fullest. The same thing is such when it comes to fins. Aside from design and budget, scuba divers have to decide on the right type of fin too.Of course, one great option is to personally [...]

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Essential Spearfishing Gear for Beginners

You’ve finally decided to be one of those who hunts for their own dinner. Welcome to the club of spearfishers! Amidst the many equipment that comes with various types and makes, it’s no surprise to feel overwhelmed at first. Spearfishing equipment with different makes, types and versions can easily confuse a newbie diver. In [...]

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Kids Full Face Mask for A More Comfortable and Safe Snorkeling Pleasure

Children would love to have a mask that they can use to see things clearly while snorkeling. One of the products that best suit the needs of kids is the full-face mask. If you are shopping for a full face mask for your kids, it is important that you know how it can contribute to the snorkeling pleasure of your [...]

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Rental Gears for all Scuba Divers!

We have great news for you, our dear diving enthusiast!We now rent out state-of-the-art diving equipment and accessories to walk-in customers. Choose from our high quality gear designed for people who want to experience the art of scuba diving to the fullest. We know that once you have been bitten by the diving bug, it’s [...]

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Introducing our New Spearfishing Pole Spears!

Scuba Choice takes pride in the fact that we’re continually increasing our product range to offer the latest and the greatest items to our customers. Today, we’re proud to announce that we have three new products that cater to avid spearfishing fans and are designed to help you enjoy the sport while bagging the biggest [...]

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