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The Three Scuba Diving Gear You Should Buy For Your Kids

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Scuba diving is, without a doubt, one of the best water activities that you can introduce to your kids. But before you let them go out on the water and explore, make sure to invest in these three new scuba diving gear to give them the best experience:

For Starters: The Wetsuit

Your kids will be exposed to the sun and water for a long time, so it’s only fitting to invest in a good wetsuit for them. Wetsuits will not only keep your kids warm while on the water, they also provide protection against sun damage and sea particles that can trigger allergies. When choosing the right wetsuit, proper fit is key so make sure that you’re getting the right sizes for your little ones.

The Basics: Masks and Fins

When buying a mask for your kids, keep two things in mind: seal and fit. Since they will be deeper in the water, you need a mask that has a good seal to avoid water from getting inside. It should also fit their small faces properly and should have a silicone skirt for comfort.

For your kids’ fins, you’ll need one that has long and lightweight blades so kicking won’t be tiring and difficult. It should also be smart to buy fins that can accommodate your kids’ growing feet.

To Finish: The BC and Regulator

A buoyancy compensator is the vest that your kids will wear while on the water to achieve neutral buoyancy under and positive buoyancy when on the surface. Since using an adult-sized BC can be heavy and uncomfortable for their little bodies, it’s best to invest in one that fits them snugly. You should also make sure that it’s easy to operate and can be used by your kids as they grow.

The diving regulator, on the other hand, should be small enough to fit in their small mouths to avoid jaw fatigue. The good news is, a regulator can be used even when your kids are already big, so invest in one that’s sturdy and lightweight.

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