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LOOK: Top 3 Popular Surfers Today

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While surfing is not on the level of golf or tennis just yet, a spike of viewership at last year’s World Surf League events live streamed over social media indicates that the future looks swell for the sport of surfing. That being said, who are some of the world’s most popular surfers today?

Surfing’s Top 3 Popular Athletes

In the absence of objective metrics, “popular” can mean social media mileage, endorsements, TV appearances, and such. Of course, this popularity is grounded on actual performance in world surfing events and potential to make it even bigger in the sport.

So, here are our three most popular surfers of today.

Kelly Slater

Kelly is often touted as the world’s best surfer for a very good reason. The American surfing legend, environmental activist, model, and businessman, among other roles, holds 11 WSL championship titles.

Outside of surfing, Kelly has appeared in numerous movies -- some about himself and TV series like Baywatch. While his foot injury has kept him out of competition, he is busy with his business ventures like the Wave Pool he built in California, and surfing every now and then.

Courtney Conlogue

Courtney is 2015 and 2016 WSL champion. She currently ranks eighth in the Women’s Championship Tour (CT). One of the best female surfers of her generation, she is known for her grit and determination in winning after every injury.

The Santa Ana native is currently recovering from a metatarsal injury that has taken her out of a Gold Coast surfing event.

John John Florence

Another two-time world champion is John John whose 1.2 million followers on a known photo-sharing site attests to his popularity. He is also one of the highest-paid surfing athletes, earning millions of dollars from endorsements.

John John is known for being the most relaxed when out surfing. He recently dropped out of the Pipe Masters to heal his knee injury.

On top of their game

Actively competing or not, the surfers above have clearly shown why they are on top of their game. And they have the numbers and fans to back them up in their every endeavor.  

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