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Introducing New Colors of Existing Dive Compasses

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Dive Compass with New Colors

Check out our new set of colors for existing dive compasses to be more confident while out diving in the waters.

On top of that, you get that refreshing look and feel because of their unique, colorful designs!

Scuba Choice Diving Deluxe Wrist Compass (Blue)

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Scuba Choice Diving Deluxe Wrist Compass (Pink)

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Scuba Choice Diving Deluxe Wrist Compass (Red)

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Scuba Choice Diving Deluxe Wrist Compass (Light Blue)

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Best Scuba Diving Regulators For 2019 – Do Not Dive Without One!

If you are looking to buy some scuba diving regulators this year, then you should know which ones make it to the top. This will guide you in choosing the best gear for your diving experience.Atomic Aquatics B2 With SwivelWhen beauty and comfort matter to you when diving, the B2 is the one to meet your expectations. It is [...]

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Popular Dive Computers For 2019 You Can’t Wait To Wear

Are you hankering to see the most recent dive computers you can buy this year? Well, here are some of the top picks that will definitely suit your taste and budget. Shearwater Petrel Dive Computer – Say hello to the smaller, sleeker design of the original Petrel. You still [...]

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A Calendar For Upcoming Scuba Diving Events In The 1st Quarter Of 2019

Are you looking for the complete guide for the 2019 scuba diving events nearest you? Well, search no further because you have found what you have been looking for.The scuba diving industry has made an announcement regarding the upcoming events in response to the customer base of 100,000. This indicates the list of events for the first quarter of [...]

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Our Valentine's Day Special is Here!

Use Coupon CodeVDAY19to get20% off whole store except forScubapro & Oceanreef Feel the love in the air this early, with our Valentines promo special.Here are some of our quality products you can give to loved ones or get one for yourself!TRAVEL BCDsScuba Choice Palantic Traveler Travel BCD, YellowScuba Choice Palantic Traveler Travel BCD, [...]

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LOOK: Top 3 Popular Surfers Today

While surfing is not on the level of golf or tennis just yet, a spike of viewership at last year’s World Surf League events live streamed over social media indicates that the future looks swell for the sport of surfing. That being said, who are some of the world’s most popular surfers today?Surfing’s Top 3 [...]

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Here’s How You Can Protect a Secluded Sandbar

If you are a surfer, nothing beats being out in the water, riding the waves, and feeling the wind in your hair. It’s a different story, however, if you discover a secluded spot, a sandbar for instance, perfect for its waves, crests, and sets. The rest is how to keep an idyllic paradise from the spoilage [...]

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Top 3 Diving Gear You Should Get This New Year

The new year ushers in new adventures in the depths of the ocean and sea. Where will your fins take you this time? With new and secluded diving sites waiting to be discovered, that can only mean having a top-notch diving gear to give you the best time underwater.New Diving Gear This New Year Out [...]

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New Trends In Scuba Diving Gear 2019

The rising popularity of water sports such as flyboarding, jet skiing, scuba diving, and wakeboarding is inevitable. Thus, the increase in interest in scuba diving and recreational water sports activities become a driving factor for the global market in scuba diving equipment.The major products that account for almost 46% of the market are bags and apparel. In fact, according to a [...]

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Take a Shot at These Bowfishing Gifts

Many like to think that bowfishing is just like bowhunting. You can see it that way until you realize that to bowfish means to use a bow specifically made for that purpose and a set of supplies, making it a whole different sport.Any archer who takes it to the water will greatly appreciate bowfishing gifts [...]

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