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In the Company of Sharks: How to Deal With Them and Keep Safe While Diving

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Spotting sharks is a common occurrence when diving. They live in saltwater (the five major oceans) and freshwater (lakes and rivers), too. In fact, they tend to move a lot depending on the water temperature and availability of food.

And while it’s a fact that sharks generally only attack humans that they mistake for another animal, it still does good that you know what to do when you come across one while exploring the deep sea.

Lean Toward Precaution When Diving

First off, stick to wearing neutral wetsuits.

Shiny, glittery or anything flashy catches the attention of sharks.

They will think you are a fish with shiny scales and consider you their prey. Wear wetsuits in neutral colors like blue and black, or with matte material.

Second, dive when its light.

Sharks, well most of them, tend to search for food around dusk or dawn. It’s their golden hour for dinner so it’s better to stay out of their paths during these hours of the day.

Diving while the sun is up and its strongest is a good idea. Just keep yourself UV-rays protected.

Third, move in the background.

Swim as quietly and gracefully as you can.

Avoid making too much movement or noise that they would circle toward you. You can’t risk sharks misunderstanding your behavior when out at sea.

Lastly, don’t panic. Keep calm and think.

If it comes to an actual attack, be on heightened alert. Scan your surroundings. Do you see any boat that you can swim up to for protection, or corals that you can run for cover temporarily?

It’s recommended to dive in groups because sharks are less likely to attack groups than solo divers.

Use any object in your person, or even your hands to fend off a shark if it’s displaying aggressive behavior - making those zigzag movements and rushes.

Claw at its eyes, hit its mouth and gill openings. Your escape is your utmost priority.

Final say

It’s important that you do your homework when scuba diving and listen to any advice from the staff where you are staying. This way you can better protect yourself from any eventualities.

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